Your Iphone Notifications Are Completely Changing With The Ios 12 Update – Here’s What’s New


APPLE is making a major (and seriously exciting) change to the way your iPhone notifications work.

With the upcoming iOS 12 update, you’ll get much better Do Not Disturb controls, and your notifications will also start stacking on top of each other – so you don’t end up with a huge list to swipe away.

The Sun / Apple Apple will soon start grouping your notifications up by app

Compared to Google’s Android phones, the iPhone has always struggled to get notifications right.

Often you wake up in the morning with a hulking list of notifications that are messy and difficult to get rid of.

Apple is finally fixing this in the iOS 12 update, which we’re expecting to arrive in September – but you can try it now with our iOS 12 download guide.

The first big change is called notification grouping, and will massively improve your iPhone quality of life.

The Sun / Apple Apple is also adding an improved Do Not Disturb feature that means you won’t wake up to a long list of notifications

Imagine if you’ve received a bunch of tweets, some Facebook notifications, and then WhatsApp messages from different group chats.

You’ll suddenly have loads of confusing individual notifications that you’ll have to scroll through – potentially dozens.

On Android phones, these would simply appear as three notifications: one for Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp respectively.

And soon Apple’s iPhones will work in exactly the same way. You’ll just see a single WhatsApp notification that’s numbered based on the total messages you’ve received, for instance.

You’ll also be able to use a new feature called Instant Tuning that lets you set some notifications to skip the lock screen, too.

So you could decide that you only want Twitter notifications to show up in your iPhone’s Notification Centre, rather than on the lock screen.

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