Frost on a vehicle can cause delays to motorists as they scramble for a deicer tool or spray to clear the worst of the ice from a vehicle. However, simple homemade solutions can prevent deadly frost and ice from developing on a vehicle so motorists can get on with their journey as soon as possible. 

Towels may not keep out all frost but will prevent the worst of the ice building up on a windscreen. 

The rest of the cover can then be easily removed with the car heater on for a few seconds or using your windscreen wiper if the ice has already begun to melt. 

Reuse old plastic bags 

Plastic bags have various hidden abilities and clearing frost from developing on a car’s mirrors is surely one of the best. 

Placing a bag over a mirror and tying this in place with an elastic bag will protect it from the worst of the elements and should prevent lots of frost cover. 

If a bag has not got any holes in, the mirrors should be completely free of all frost in a simple tip to prevent a motorist from getting caught out. 

Frozen wing mirrors can be deemed a dangerous driving offence as hazards are blocked from your field of view. 

Police officers have the power to issue motorists with a £60 on-the-spot fine and three points on their driving licence for committing the offence. 

Straws can unlock frozen door handles

Many older vehicles will still be unlocked using a key and these locks can be completely frozen during the winter as cold weather sets in. 

These locks have a habit of getting frozen up and this makes unlocking the venue difficult as the key will not work. 

Motorists who are struggling to gain access to the vehicle can simply use a straw and their breath to melt the ice. 

In a YouTube video, the supermarket advised customers to mix three parts of distilled vinegar with one part water. 

This mix will help clear the forest of the frost and ice cover from a windscreen in minutes if some traditional de-icer spray is not quickly available. 

What are the laws? 

The Highway Code says roads users must ensure their vehicle is not covered by frost if this could cause a distraction to a motorist. 

Frost cover should be completely removed from a windscreen to ensure ice is not covering any potential blind spot or hazard. 

Vehicles also need to be sure our lights are clean and that any snow or ice is removed from their number plates before setting off on a journey. 


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