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Xperia XZ4 release TOMORROW – Three big surprises that could arrive on Sony flagship

Sony fans have an exciting few hours ahead with the Japanese technology firm expected to reveal their all-new Xperia XZ4 device tomorrow.

Like a number of other technology firms, Sony is holding a major launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it is almost certain to lift the lid on its next smartphone.

There’s no official word on what will be included on this next generation device but numerous leaks and rumours have revealed a few ideas about what’s to come and there could be a few surprises to look forward to.

The big event gets underway at around 7.30am GMT and here’s three reasons why this could be a very interesting launch.


Everyone is expecting Sony to reveal a new phone called the Xperia XZ4.

This looked almost certain as it would follow from the current naming convention that Sony uses for its flagships.

The XZ4 should continue on from the XZ3 and XZ2 but there may be a surprise in store.

A recent leak by Evan Blass, who has a track record for getting things right when it comes to smartphone launches, suggests Sony is ditching the XZ branding for a more simplified option.

A recent tweet by Blass revealed that the Japanese firm is actually going to call its new device the Xperia 1.

We’ll find out if that is true tomorrow.


Along with revealing the name, Blass also posted a picture of the Xperia 1 which seems to confirm many of the recent rumours about this device.

There’s been huge speculation that Sony’s flagship is getting a tall display with a 21:9 aspect ratio.

The idea behind this is to make the device better for watching movies and other content filmed in this format.

If Sony follows tradition, we can also expect this new screen to feature some eye-pleasing technology such as 4K and HDR.


The Twitter post by Blass not only revealed the front of the Xperia 1 but also the rear case and there could be some very good news.

If the images turn out to be true it seems this new flagship will finally get an improved camera with the rear case packed with a triple lens system.

Samsung recently revealed its Galaxy S10 which comes packed with a trio of cameras and Huawei has been offering this technology for a while.

There’s no word on what photographic features the Xperia 1 will offer but users may get a better zoom and the ability to shoot photos with a wide-angle lens.

Along with this new camera there is one final piece of news that is sure to please Sony fans as it seems the rear fingerprint scanner is gone.

Since the Xperia XZ2 was first launched, the placement of the sensor was criticised as it sat too close to the camera lens.

Now it seems Sony may have finally listened with no sign of it on the case.

This either means users will get a scanner under the display or Sony will move it back to the side of the phone.

Luckily, there’s not long left to discover all of these features with Sony revealing all tomorrow morning. will be at the launch and will bring you all the news live as it happens.


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