Wwe News: English Wrestling Star Joseph Conners Backs British Boom To Continue In Wwe Ahead Of Uk Championship Tournament


JOSEPH CONNERS insists Britain’s wrestling boom will continue as he vowed to bounce back from his UK Championship Tournament disappointment.

The self-proclaimed “ruthless, manic, aggressive” Nottingham-born star is one of the biggest names in the business on these shores through his work with various independent promotions.

WWE English wrestling star Joseph Conners believes Britain’s boom in wrestling is just getting started

Those talents were spotted by WWE 18 months ago as they signed the 31-year-old to compete to become the first-ever United Kingdom Champion.

After making the quarter-finals in the inaugural tournament, Conners was hoping to go all the way this year but was surprisingly defeated in the first round by Ashton Smith last weekend.

The sports entertainer has since declared his intention to put himself back into contention for a shot a champ Pete Dunne via social media.

But he also knows how much the British scene is oozing with talent – and Conners says next week’s second UK Championship Tournament at the Royal Albert Hall is just the start of the division’s rise.

WWE Conners has just competed in the WWE UK Championship Tournament for the second time

Instagram, @jospeh_conners The 31-year-old was knocked out of the competition by Ashton Smith last weekend

Twitter @JosephConners The Nottingham-born grappler has vowed to bounce back from his disappointment

Speaking exclusively to SunSport, Conners said: “Last year was such a major opportunity and something I was very proud and privileged to be a part of and I’ve been chomping at the bit since. There’s been a real resurgence in British wrestling over recent years and it continues to get bigger and bigger.

“My goal has always been to get to WWE and I didn’t realise it would be under this sort of circumstance. But with the launch of NXT and the 205 Live brand and the stuff WWE are doing with the network, it seems like the next logical step.

“I think I can safely say on behalf of everyone involved how excited we are to try and make this thing as big as possible. You’ve seen what Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate have done with the championship, I think this is a title that means a lot to a lot of people.”

Conners, who started wrestling in 2006, continued: “There has always been talent. It’s the same in any industry, but over the last few years, we have had a lot more people coming over and mixing it up.

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