World Cup 2018: Trent Alexander-arnold Talks To His Mum Every Day For Advice And So She Can Check He Is Wearing Sun Cream


TRENT ALEXANDER-ARNOLD has been talking to his mum on a daily basis while in Russia — but do not mistake that for him wanting to get home.

The Liverpool youngster, pressed into World Cup duty aged just 19, has been getting regular advice from back in England.

Reuters Teen star Trent Alexander-Arnold relies on his mum for advice from back home while he is at his first World Cup with England

The full-back revealed: “She checks up every day to make sure I’m wearing sun cream — she’s so into the details of everything.

“The whole family is like that, we keep well in touch and call a couple of times a day.

“For them to see me play in a World Cup would make them really proud and that’s one of the things that makes me work hard every day in training.

“To see them with a smile on their face and to be proud of me, that’s probably the biggest incentive for me.”

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