Women Who Binge Drink As Teens Third More Likely To Develop Brittle Bones In Old Age


WOMEN who binge drink as teens are nearly a third more likely to develop brittle bones in old age.

Schoolgirls who boozed heavily around twice a week had lower bone density in their spines aged 18 to 20.

Alamy Brittle bones is a lifetime consequence young women who binge drink may not know about

Researchers said that may increase their risk of osteoporosis and fractures by 30 per cent in later life.

Prof Joseph LaBrie, of LA’s Loyola Marymount University, examined 87 students and quizzed them on their lifestyle.

Those who drank most when they were younger had the thinnest bones.

Skeleton mass should be building to a peak between 20 and 25.

Prof LaBrie said: “This study identifies a potential lifetime consequence of binge drinking in young women.

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