Woman dies after ‘couple fall from 9th floor window during sex’.. but ‘man SURVIVES and returns to party’

A MAN survived after plunging out of a ninth-floor window during sex after his female partner died breaking his fall.

The woman cushioned the impact for the man when they landed together on wet ground outside the block of flats in St Petersburg, Russia.

A man survived a nine storey plunge after his female lover broke his fall when they fell out of a window during sex
Central European News

Eyewitnesses told cops they had than seen him staggering back upstairs naked to re-join his pals at a party in the building, according to reports.

Police initially thought they were dealing with a murder/sex attack when they found the woman naked from the waist down at the base of the tower.

They also found a TV that appeared to have been thrown from one of the windows above and briefly considered the TV set might have killed the young woman.

But this did not explain why she was missing her clothes.

They were then told the woman and a man having sex in a ninth-floor flat above before falling.

She had been at a small party in the flat together with the man she had had sex with and two others.

The party attracted the attention of fellow residents when one of the men tossed a TV out the window.

Later the couple then fell over the balcony during sex and the man landed on top of the unfortunate woman before scrambling to his feet and staggering back to the party.

Cops said that the woman was killed instantly and the man, who only sustained minor injuries, has been tracked down and has been interrogated.

A murder investigation is underway.

The couple are believed to have been romping on a windowsill at a party when they tumbled out of the building
Central European News

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