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Woman, 50, spent £26k on six boob jobs after her husband said her 36AA chest made her ‘look like a man’


A 50-YEAR-OLD woman spent a whopping £26,000 and claims she risked her life six times in a bid to get perfect boobs after her confidence hit rock bottom.

Janey Byrne, a receptionist from Lincoln, East Midlands, was forced to have her implants removed five times after they became toxic and ruptured.

Janey Byrne, 50, has spent a whopping £26,000 and risked her life six times for the ‘perfect’ boobs
Caters News Agency

Her most recent implant removal was in 2018, just six months later, she decided to go under the knife again for a sixth time.

Janey had always disliked her boobs and finally plucked up the courage in 2004 to have them surgically enhanced.

“I’m very tall and of an athletic build, so wanted to get a boob job to make me look and feel more feminine.”

She spent £4000 boosting her AA boobs to a B cup and was over the moon with the results, until disaster struck in 2012.

Janey’s first boob job became toxic in 2012, the implants needed to be removed immediately.   <img class="wp-image-9311849 size-thesun-article-image" style="font-size: 16px" src="https://www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/NINTCHDBPICT000498265500.jpg?strip=all&w=608" alt="" width="608" height="960" />

The second botched boob job in 2015, caused the skin across Janey’s chest to became tight and uncomfortableSpurred on by a friend who was found to have toxic implants, she decided to get hers checked out too.

Receiving the shocking news that her implants were also toxic, she faced the frightening prospect of being poisoned unless she got them removed.

The run of bad luck continued when the second set of implants boosting her from a B to an E cup were badly put in, resulting in tight and uncomfortable skin across her chest.

Janey was forced to pay £4,500 to have them corrected, this time asking for a D cup instead of an E, the surgeon botched up once again, giving her an enormous F cup.

A further £4,500 was spent on her forth enhancement, taking her down from an F to a D cup.

Breast implants replaced again in 2015, Janey wanted a D cup, she was given an F-cup.

Caters News Agency

Janey started out with AA cup boobs, she boosted them to B cup in 2004[/caption]

In 2017 her implants ruptured again and needed to be removed immediately, leaving Janey with badly swollen natural B cup breasts.

“The six months I went without any implants last year was horrible as I had no self confidence at all.”

Booking an appointment at Spire Hospital in Hull six months ago, she begged to have them put back in.

“That was seven months ago and everything seems to be looking OK, let’s hope it stays that way!

” I know I’ve spent a lot of money, but it was all worth it to help my self confidence, however, I strongly advise other women to do their research.”

Janey's boob job timeline:

  • 2004 – first boob job, AA to B
  • 2012 – toxic implants replaced and uplift, B to E
  • 2015 – implants replaced again, wanted a D but given a F in surgery
  • 2015 – implants replaced, taking Janey from a F to a D
  • 2017 – implants removed after rupture and reduced to her natural B cup
  • 2018 – implants put back in

Total: £26,000

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