Woman, 30, Arrested After Allegedly Beating 92-year-old Granddad With Brick In Broad Daylight Attack


A 30-YEAR-old woman has been arrested after allegedly beating a 92-year-old granddad with a BRICK in a broad daylight attack.

Rodolfo Rodriguez was walking to a park near his family’s home in Los Angeles, California, when he was assaulted and left with broken cheekbone and two broken ribs.

Misbel Borjas/facebook Rodolfo Rodriguez, 92, is seen covered in blood after being attacked with a brick in Los Angeles

Police say they arrested Laquisha Jones for assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday and she is currently in custody with her bail set at $200,000 (£151,000).

The Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department (LASD) said they obtained a search warrant for Jones, of LA, and she was detained “without incident”.

Detectives have not specified a motive for the attack on July 4, but say they are still looking for further suspects.

Video footage captured by eyewitness Misbel Borjas shows Mr Rodriguez, who is originally from Mexico, on the ground with blood pouring down his face.

Erik Mendoza/GO FUND ME Mr Rodriguez in his hospital bed after being left with a broken cheekbone and two broken ribs in the July 4 attack

Relatives told KTLA the pensioner bumped into a little girl while trying to pass her on the pavement when the toddler’s mum allegedly shoved him to the ground.

Ms Borjas told CNN the woman attacked the elderly man with her hands before picking up a brick or slab of concrete and repeatedly beat him.

The neighbour claims the woman then shouted: “Go back to your country, go back to Mexico”.

Mr Rodriguez – a legal US resident – told the network: “I just passed her and she pushed me and she hit me until she was done.”

Misbel Borjas/facebook A woman is seen holding an object a witness says she used to beat the elderly man

Misbel Borjas/facebook A passerby captured the aftermath of the attack on video before it was posted online

He added: “I can’t walk anymore. I’m in so much pain.”

Ms Borjas said when she tried to defend Mr Rodriguez, the woman threatened to hit her with the brick.

She claims a group of young men then ran over and began kicking the elderly man while he lay on the ground.

Mr Rodriguez’s grandson, Erik Mendoza, found his grandfather bloodied and bruised on the street and unable to walk later that evening.

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