Windows 10 fans can try this major Microsoft update before its official release

Windows 10 fans can try this major Microsoft update before its official release

Microsoft has just unleashed the next beta of its Edge browser and is keen for Windows 10 fans to give it a try.

The US technology firm says this is the third and final preview channel which has come online before the official launch.

The update is available now for Windows 10 and macOS users with Microsoft saying its goal with Microsoft Edge is to create better web compatibility with better performance for its customers.

In a post on its website, Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows, said: “While still in the preview stage, with this announcement the next version of Microsoft Edge is ready for everyday use.

“In the Beta today, you will see new ways to personalize your experience, along with support for 14 languages.

“With new tab page customization, you have the ability to choose what you want to see when you open a new web page by selecting either a Focused, Inspirational or Informational layout.

“You can also set a dark theme or visit the Microsoft Edge Insider Addons store or other Chromium-based web stores, such as the Chrome Web Store, to add your favorite extensions.”

There’s no word on when an official rollout of Edge will happen but it’s unlikely to be long considering this is the final preview build.

Along with this update giving consumers an improved experience Microsoft is also boasting that businesses should get better features.

This update includes Microsoft Search built-in to Bing, which will reduce the time spent looking for things at work by intelligently connecting an organization’s people, documents, sites, locations and conversations.

And there’s also something called Internet Explorer mode, which streamlines today’s not-so-great experience of viewing the web through two different browsers by bringing Internet Explorer 11 compatibility directly into Microsoft Edge, creating one simple experience.

Finally, you’ll get Windows Defender Application Guard integrated into the software which helps to isolate enterprise-defined untrusted sites, protecting the company while employees browse the Internet.

Although this new Edge build should be stable it’s worth noting that this is not finished software with Microsoft advising anyone not comfortable using early release software to avoid downloading this beta.

You can full details about this latest launch here.

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