Who Will Win The Fifa World Cup 2018 In Russia? The Latest Betting Odds For Big Tournament Here


WE all know it will be one of the big guns… it’s just picking the right one which proves tricky.

Forget any thoughts of World Cup 2018 turning into an outsiders’ tournament.

EPA One of the big dogs like France will definitely win this summer’s World Cup

There will be no repeat of Greece and their Euro heroics.

No Leicester-win-the-Prem type shock.

Those results simply don’t happen in the biggest football tournament on the planet.

This one will be no different.

Yes, there may be the odd shock outcome in the odd game here and there.

But come the final next month, you can pretty much bank on one of the usual suspects hoisting the trophy.

Alamy Live News Brazil will be in contention, but there will be no fairytale this summer for minnows

In my book the two to beat are France and Brazil – the only problem is they could well end up meeting in the semis.

France are slightly bigger odds at 13-2, but for all their flair, a tendency for the odd lapse in concentration sways me towards the Samba boys.

MARC OF DISTINCTION Marcus Rashford is a marvel… how the hell does Jose Mourinho not rate him

Admittedly they are favourites, but a tenner at 9-2 still buys enough pints for a hangover and they’re my idea of the winners.

Under boss Tite the memory of that shocking 7-1 humiliation against Germany in 2014 has steadily been erased, and they have lost only one since he took over – a friendly to Argentina.

England mascot does ‘floss dance’ in tunnel… but Jordan Henderson completely blanks him

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