Who is Love Island Australia narrator Eoghan McDermott, does he have a girlfriend and what radio and TV shows is he on?


EOGHAN McDermott is an Irish voiceover and TV & radio presenter – and he can currently be heard narrating Love Island Australia.

But, who is his girlfriend and what radio and TV shows is he on? Let’s get the lowdown…

Eoghan McDermott is the narrator on Love Island Australia

Who is Love Island Australia narrator Eoghan McDermott?

Eoghan McDermott was born in Limerick, Ireland, on April 15, 1983 – that makes him 35.

Although he was born in Limerick, he grew up in Dublin – and his father is author Kevin McDermott.

He started his career as an actor, playing the lead role of Pete in TG4 youth drama Seacht.

He’s dating doctor Aoife Melia

Who’s Eoghan’s girlfriend?

Eoghan has been dating Aoife Melia, a doctor, since last year.

They used to date while they were in University College Dublin together before parting ways after they graduated.

But the couple rekindled their romance late last year, and they’re now living together.

Eoghan said: “She’s beautiful and has brains to boot. It’s been really lovely living together.

“It’s been very uneventful, but in the best possible way in that it’s been smooth sailing.”

When asked if a proposal was on the cards, he said: “No, not really, because we’re only back together about a year. Hopefully that bit of chatter doesn’t need to happen for a while.”

He is a prolific TV and radio host

What radio and TV shows is he on?

Eoghan doesn’t just narrate Love Island Australia, he’s got numerous telly and radio gigs.

He hosted drive time on London’s XFM – now known as Radio X – from March 2011 until December 2012.

He also presents The Voice of Ireland in Ireland.

He currently presents the afternoon on 2FM in Ireland.

He’s also on social mediaIRISH CHARM

Is he on social media?

Yes! Eoghan McDermott is very active on social media.

He on Instagram @eoghanmcdermott.

And he’s on Twitter @eoghanmcdermo.


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