Who Is Laura Anderson And How Old Is She? Love Island 2018 Girl And Air Hostess Who’s Coupled With Wes


THIS summer is sizzling already and we’re not talking about the heat.

Laura Anderson is injecting some much-wanted drama into Love Island’s 2018 series – but who is she and how old is she really?

ITV Laura Anderson’s no stranger to celebrities and once served Channing Tatum his tea at 40,000ft

Who is Laura Anderson and how old is she?

Laura Anderson is a part-time hairdresser who used to be a flight attendant with Emirates airlines.

She is appearing on the fourth series of Love Island vying to up the glamour stakes this year.

She has hinted before that she’s dated an unnamed sports star as well as served stars like Channing Tatum and Jennifer Lopez as a hairdresser.

She used to go by the name Missy Love and Love Island producers privately described her as a “nightmare” ahead of the latest series.

Laura said: “My voice might annoy people. Or perhaps I might tell too many jokes. I’m sure when you live with people you will always rub them up the wrong way on occasion.”

Despite saying she’s a girls’ girl, Laura said she wouldn’t have to think twice about making a move on a guy someone else likes. Her female co-stars had better watch out.

The former flight attendant, 29, has already hit the headlines after cruel trolls claim she lied about her age.

ITV With nine ex-boyfriends under her belt, how many more will she add after Love Island?

What did Laura say about Simon Cowell?

Laura claimed that Simon Cowell joined the mile-high club on one of her flights.

She says that Simon had taken two women into a toilet cubicle back when he was a single man.

The Sun’s own Dan Wootton has rubbished her claims.

He said: “Knowing Simon like I do, good hygiene, cleanliness and familiarity are all important to him.

“So I’d say it was much more likely the ladies were touching up his makeup more than anything else. And sources close to Cowell have lashed out at her tall stories as total lies.”

Not surprisingly, Love Island chiefs pledged to keep Laura’s claims out of the show to avoid infuriating one of their most important pieces of talent.

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