Who Is Gerry Roberts’ Uncle Terry, Who Is Actor Daniel Casey And What Else Has He Been In?


EMMERDALE recently welcomed a new character, Gerry Roberts’ uncle Terry.

What do we know about the character and Daniel Casey, the actor who plays him? Read on to find out.

Rex Features Daniel Casey joined Emmerdale in May

Who is Gerry Roberts’ uncle Terry?

Terry appeared on Emmerdale on May 24, 2018.

Viewers saw him hanging around The Woolpack suspiciously, before revealing himself as murdered Gerry’s uncle.

Devastated by his nephew’s murder, he confronted Doug, who has been framed for the crime and throws a drink at him and calls him a murderer.

Gerry was killed by Lachlan in scenes which aired eary May 2018.

Who is actor Daniel Casey?

Daniel Casey plays Terry in Emmerdale.

He’s an English actor who was born on 1 June 1972.

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