Who Is Dipa Jakhu? Britain’s Best Home Cook Finalist And Civil Servant From Wolverhampton


DIPA Jakhu is a finalist on Mary Berry’s new cookery show Britain’s Best Home Cook.

Here’s everything you need to know about the civil servant who is well on her way to taking the crown…

Dipa is a finalist on Britain’s Best Home Cook

Who is Dipa Jakhu?

Dipa Jakhu is a 44-year-old mother and civil servant from Wolverhampton.

Born in London, Dipa moved to Wolverhampton when she was four-years-old.

She revealed she became interested in cooking from an early age and was already whipping up curries by the age of 11.

She lives with her husband and three children, aged 18, 13, and three, who all love her homemade dishes.

BBC Dipa never uses a cookbook and instead relies on her natural instincts and simple ingredients to prepare her meals

What is Dipa Jakhu’s cooking style?

Dipa grew up inspired to combine her father’s Kenyan and her mother’s Indian heritage with her own British twist.

She never uses a cookbook and instead relies on her instincts and simple ingredients.

Dipa loves to cook with fresh spices and the straightforward methods she uses to prepare dishes at home is serving up a treat on the show.

Dipa sailed through the quarter-finals thanks to her spectacular Indian celebration sharing feast, which she was also rewarded with the title of that week’s best cook.

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