Who Is Anne Marie Waters? For Britain Founder And Anti-islam Campaigner Who Stood For Ukip Leadership


FOR Britain founder Anne Marie Waters is standing for election in the South East London constituency of Lewisham East.

The proud Islamophobe ditched Ukip last year after losing out in her leadership bid – and has formed her own party instead. Here’s what we know about Waters and her controversial views.

Anne Marie Waters was the bookies favourite to become the next Ukip leader – but has now upped and left, forming her own party

Who is Anne Marie Waters?

Irish political activist Anne Marie Waters stood to be the next leader of Ukip – but was considered too right even for the right-wing party.

After losing out to Henry Bolton in 2017, Waters left to create and head up For Britain, a new far-right political party.

Waters is standing for a second time in the Lewisham East by-election, this time for her new party after losing out on a Ukip ticket in 2015.

But her popularity does not seem to have grown in the South East London constituency, where hundreds of anti-racism protesters sabotaged an election hustings where she was due to speak.

In its manifesto, For Britain promises to “ban the burqa as a security threat” and “end all unofficial practice of Sharia Law”.

Waters, originally from Dublin, describes herself as “passionately, loyally, resolutely and proudly British.”

She is director of Sharia Watch UK, which has called Islam “evil”.

Rex Features Far-right Anne Marie Waters has described Islam as “evil”

Waters also launched anti-Islam organisation, Pegida UK, with former EDL leader Tommy Robinson in 2016.

Pegida UK was set up to counter what it called “the Islamisation of our countries”.

She began her political life as a Labour supporter and made two unsuccessful bids to become a parliamentary candidate.

She left the party in 2013 over concerns it was heading too far to the left.

Waters has refused to ever support Labour again, after accusing it of “betraying” the country over its refusal to oppose Islam.

During her campaign as a Ukip candidate for Lewisham East in 2015 she called for deportations, mosque closures and an end to immigration from majority-Muslim countries.

She was also picked to stand in the 2017 election but leader Paul Nuttall stepped in and deselected her saying her extreme views were “way above and beyond party policy”.

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