Who Is Allison Stokke? Us Golfer Rickie Fowler’s Fiance, Model And Professional Pole Vaulter


RICKIE FOWLER has been performing well on the golf course and in the wags department.

The American ace has been dating pole vaulter and sportswear model Allison Stokke since May 2017, with the pair first spotted on a date at the MotoGP Grand Prix of Americas previously.

Instagram/allisonstokke Rickie Fowler with pole vaulter fiance Allison Stokke

Getty Images Rickie Fowler, who didn’t take a Wag to the Ryder Cup, looks lonely as teammates enjoy a kiss

Fowler was left red-faced at the 2016 Ryder Cup, after he was pictured third-wheeling in a team USA celebratory snap, but it looks like he won’t be next time around.

Fowler’s team-mates were pictured embracing their partners, while he stood lonesome, but still smiling.

On Friday June 8, Fowler announced his engagement to Stokke via instagram.

Who is Allison Stokke and how old is she?

American born Allison Stokke is a pole vaulter who rose to fame after photos of her competing in 2007, aged 17, went viral.

The photos gained the attention of sports blog ‘With Leather’, who have a mainly male audience, and from there the images went worldwide, with comment pieces from The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Der Spiegel and even the BBC.

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Stokke wasn’t entirely happy with her new found fame, telling The Washington Post: “It just all feels really demeaning. I worked so hard for pole vaulting and all this other stuff, and it’s almost like that doesn’t matter. Nobody sees that. Nobody really sees me.”

The 28-year old has been regularly seen supporting her boyfriend on the course and frequently uploads pictures of her and the golfing star.

The pole vaulter is pictured taking a dip in the pool after training


Rickie and Allison pose with two leopards at Columbus Zoo

Does Allison Stokke use Twitter or Instagram?

Following her successful sportswear modelling career, Allison amassed a large online following.

She can be found on Instagram by searching @allisonstokke, where she boasts a huge 347k followers.

Her twitter is @StokkeAllison, where she frequently uploads videos of her athletic adventures.

Stokke posted this pre-action shot on Instagram

Rickie captioned this Instagram post with “When you wish you could still be on vacation! #RickFoundaChick”

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