Whip Out The Pimm’s Because Strawberries Are Bigger And Cheaper Than Ever Right Now


STRAWBERRIES are often reserved as a summertime treat, enjoyed with lashings of cream or a glass of prosecco as you lap up the sunshine.

Well berry fans have reason to celebrate this season as strawberries are bigger and better than ever right now. Literally.

Getty – Contributor Normal strawberry vs its SUPERSIZE

Supermarkets across the UK are currently selling discounted and super-sized strawberries as a result of this year’s extreme weather.

Because of the recent soar in temperatures, supermarkets have ended up with more strawberry stock than expected and are now having to flog the berries at a lower price.

Better still, the discounted fruit is also even juicier and more delicious than usual too.

After all, the longer it took the berries to ripen in the colder-than-average spring, the juicier they have become.

Getty – Contributor The reduced prices mean we can afford strawberries for days

Aldi has swooped to the rescue of over-stocked farmers and has bought an extra 112 tonnes of the seasonal berries.

Managing Director of Buying at Aldi UK Julie Ashfield told The Telegraph: “The recent warm weather has led to our growers needing to harvest a vast amount of their crop much later than usual.”

She added: “We always try to find ways to support them in times like this, while at the same time reducing unnecessary food waste.”

In other words, punnets of strawberries are currently on offer up and down the country meaning that we can afford to stock up on some of the best crop of berries for years.

So dust off your bottle of Pimms and whip out the double cream.

This summer is all about strawberries.

Getty – Contributor Enormous strawberries are everywhere this summer season

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