Where Is Turnberry, When Did Donald Trump Buy The Golf Club In Scotland And How Much Does Membership Cost?


BRITAIN played a “big part” in Donald Trump’s life to such an extent – he is in love with the nation, his son Eric claimed.

On his first official visit to the UK, Trump is spending some quality time at his beloved Scotland resort. Read on for more details…

Reuters Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland

Where is Turnberry?

Trump Turnberry is a golf resort in South Ayrshire, South West Scotland.

It is made up of three sites, a golf course, a golf academy and a five-star designer hotel.

Donald’s son Eric said: “His mother – my grandmother – is from Scotland.

“We just love this country, we love the UK in general and it’s a big part of our lives. It’s a big part of his life, pre-politics, and that can only be a positive.”

He added: “I know… he loves this property more than anything in the world”.

When did Donald Trump buy the Scotland golf course?

Trump was controversially granted permission to build a golf course at Balmedie by the Scottish Government in April 2014.

He splashed £200million to renovate the hotel built in 1906, with an aim to make it the finest golf and spa resort in the world.

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