When Is The Zara Sale 2018 In The Uk, What Date Will It Start And Is It Online And In Store?


ZARA is a popular high street store with multiple outlets across the UK, and counts Holly Willoughby among fans.

Specialising in women’s clothes, the brand is regarded as selling affordable, quality items.

Getty – Contributor The high street store always remains tight-lipped over when its sale starts

When is the Zara sale 2018 in the UK?

Due to its popularity, eager shoppers can’t wait to get their hands on some bargains its bi-annual sale.

While some stores have already begun their summer sale, Zara is yet to announce theirs.

As with previous years, Zara usually holds a sale in June.

But staff keep tight-lipped over the exact date, making it hard to make a game-plan.

Getty – Contributor The sale starts online at 10pm the day before in store

Despite no official date, a spokesman confirmed to Fabulous the eagerly anticipated sale will kick off soon.

They said: “I’m afraid we don’t have a confirmed date just yet but it will be some time this month.”

What date will it start?

By looking at previous years, the sale is likely to start on Friday June 12, or Friday June 22.

Last year it began on June 22, in 2016 it was June 23, the previous year June 19, and in 2014 it kicked off on June 20.

If you’re an avid shopper, it could be worth popping down to the shop to check as often the layout changes before the sale.

Staff often move the items to be discounted to one side, so if could even have a rummage and earmark what you want and come back for it when the sale is in full swing.

This content is subject to copyright. The priciest items, such as coats and handbags, are always snapped up first

Is it online and in store?

If you don’t live near a store, or miss the start of the sale, fear not as it is online as well.

In fact the sale will start on their website the night before, so snap up some goodies while you can.

The winter and summer sales kick-off online from 10pm the day before the shops open their doors to the crowds.

As soon as you see it on the website, you can get ready to hit the shops in person the next day.

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