When Is The Lewisham East By-election, Who Are The Candidates Going To Be And What Is Labour’s Majority In The Seat?


VOTERS are heading to the polls after Heidi Alexander’s departure triggered a by-election in her Lewisham East seat.

Let’s take a look at the prospective parliamentary candidates – and what the Labour majority is in the South East London constituency.

AFP or licensors The straight-talking MP’s resignation has triggered a by-election in Lewisham East

Who are going to be the candidates and when is it taking place?

There are 14 candidates going for the Labour stronghold, including controversial Islamophobe Anne Marie Waters.

Formerly a UKIP leadership contestant, Waters is now standing for For Britain, the far-right party she founded last year.

A hustings two nights before the election was shut down after hundreds of Stand Up to Racism protested against Waters.

Other candidates raised concerns that their opportunity to speak had been denied them ahead of tomorrow’s vote.

The by-election takes place tomorrow, on June 14.

Polls will be open from 7am-10pm, with results declared on the morning of Friday, June 15.

Here is the full list of those fighting to represent the constituency:

Labour – Janet Daby Conservative – Ross Archer Green – Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah Liberal Democrat – Lucy Salek For Britain – Anne Marie Waters Democrats and Veterans – Massimo DiMambro Libertarian – Sean Finch Radical – Patrick Gray UKIP – David Kurten Christian Peoples – Maureen Reid Young People’s – Thomas Hall Independent – Charles Edward Carey Women’s Equality – Mandu Reid Monster Racing Loony – Howling Laud Hope

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