When Does Poldark Start In 2018, Who’s In The Cast With Aidan Turner And What’s New In Series Four?


POLDARK fans were not been let down by season three of the BBC hit drama.

Here’s all you need to know about when you can expect to see Aidan Turner return to your telly screens for series number four…

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When does Poldark series four start on the BBC?

The show will return on June 10, 2018 at 9pm on BBC One.

It will then be available on the BBC iPlayer.

It goes up against Frankie Goes To Russia on BBC Two, the football on ITV and The Handmaiden’s Tale on Channel Four.

PA:Press Association Poldark has proved to be a fan favourite 

What will happen in series four?

Scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield told Radio Times that the fourth series will be based around the final third of Winston Graham’s sixth Poldark book, The Four Swans and all of the seventh, The Angry Tide.

Aidan Turner’s character, Ross Poldark will be found in Westminster, having taken George’s seat.

She said: “He does take George’s seat. He beats George. At the end of this series we see him coming to the realisation that next time a seat is offered he has to take it.

“He’s not desperate to head off to Westminster but a catastrophic happening in episode one of series four makes him realise that in order to have the power to effect any change he needs to get out of his comfort zone.

“It’s very much Cornwall-based but there are so many characters and flavours and one of those flavours is London.

“That’s a thing we haven’t really seen. We saw it when Caroline was in London. There are whole sequences where we go to London and that’s a really exciting new flavour to it. We will meet real characters, like [Prime Minister] William Pitt and [anti-slavery campaigner] William Wilberforce. There are some wonderful affirming storylines and some utterly tragic ones coming up.”

She revealed that Ross and Demelza will try to “work through this sticky patch” following her infidelity with Hugh Armitage at the end of series three.

She added that “things look up for Morwenna and Drake gradually” and that Prudie’s common-law husband Jud Paynter (Phil Davis) won’t be seen in series four.

BBC Fans haven’t got long to wait until the new series

Who’s in the cast of series four of Poldark?

Poldark wouldn’t be Poldark without… Poldark, so we know Aidan Turner will be back for the fourth season.

Eleanor Tomlinson returns as his wife, Demelza along with Tholly Tregirls, played by Sean Gilder.

Also returning in series four, is Prudie (Beatie Edney), cleric Osborne Whitworth (Christian Brassington) and Hugh Armitage (Josh Whitehouse).

BBC Eleanor Tomlinson returns as Demelza 

Are there any new characters in series four of Poldark?

There will be another new villain called Monk Adderley, adds Horsfield.

“I think the character people will enjoy most is Monk Adderley. He’s completely amoral but such a vividly drawn character. Ross encounters him in London. Ross really does clash with him. He’s a friend of George’s, that’s how they first meet and another one everyone will love to hate.”

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