What time is Love Island on ITV2 TONIGHT? Here’s why you can’t miss episode six

FOLLOWING Callum Macleod’s exit from Love Island on Friday, the main show is returning tonight on ITV2, with newcomer Danny Williams finally making his arrival.

But what time is the show actually on tonight and how have the islanders settled in with Molly-Mae Hague? Let’s find out…

Danny is Love Island’s new arrival
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What time is Love Island on tonight?

Love Island is back with its sixth episode tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

The show will only run for an hour, which is a shame given all the drama that has happened, along with the arrival of two new islanders.
After Love Island ends, if you’re keen on getting more of the television programme, stay on ITV2 because Aftersun will air right after at 10pm.

And, as always, if you happen to miss any of the episodes, you can always catch them again on ITV Hub.

lucie joe love island
Lucie picked Joe over Tommy when asked who she wanted to couple up with

What can we expect in episode six?

Now that Callum has made his exit on Love Island, Amber Gill has partnered up with Anton Danyluk, but fans are already wondering whether the new couple will get along.

Amber never made the impression that she had feelings for Anton when she first met him, yet under the circumstances that she’s spent more time with him now, could things have changed?

It’s particularly worrying knowing that Anton is also making moves on Molly-Mae, who describes him as a good looking guy.

Tommy Fury has now partnered up with Molly-Mae, and as viewers have seen in Friday’s episode, Lucie Donlan isn’t all that happy about the newcomer’s arrival.


The surfer appears intimidated by the fact that Tommy’s attention has shifted to the social media influencer, leaving Lucie with sandwich maker Joe Garratt.

Sherif Lanre has finally opened up about his true feelings regarding Anna Vakili, who started to get the impression that the funnyman wasn’t into her as much as she thought.

Seeing that Anna also chose Sherif over Anton when making her decision on who she wanted to couple up with, there definitely seems to be a connection between the two that’s only going to strengthen as the show continues.

Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard have pretty much made it clear to everyone that they only have eyes for each other, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that Love Island is still a game show – anything can change.

Yewande love island
Yewande is notified that she will be heading on a date

Though the doting couple has shown love and affection to one another since becoming an item, some say it’s too early to say whether Amy and Curtis will make it to the end.

Meanwhile, everyone seems to be hoping that Yewande Biala and Michael Griffiths will finally make their voices be heard, having completely flown under the radar for the majority of the series so far.

Yewande does make it known in episode six, however, that she wonders how it must feel to be Amy or Lucie, who constantly have men trying to get her attention.

Luckily for the scientist, she’s notified per text message that she has a date lined up, but we have yet to find out who it’ll be with.

Perhaps it’s with Danny Williams, who will make his arrival in tonight’s episode after the 21-year-old model’s entry was teased at the end of Friday’s episode.


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