What time is Big Brother 2018 on Channel 5 tonight and who is in the lineup?


BIG Brother is ready to burst back onto the scene with a whole new bunch of housemates and a launch show with a twist.

But who are this year’s contestants and what time is the show on? Here’s the lowdown…

Big Brother kicks off on September 14
Big Brother kicks off on September 14
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What time does Big Brother air on Channel 5?

The civilian series of Big Brother kicks off on Friday, September 14.

It continues each night at 9pm on Channel 5 except for Saturday’s when it’s on at 10pm.

Rylan follows up with Bit On the Side at 11.05pm.

Who is in the official Big Brother 2018 line-up?

The lineup is kept under wraps by Channel 5 until the very last minute.

However, a Big Brother fan site has leaked what it claims to be this year’s housemates – days before the show’s launch.

Big Brother Xtra claims to have confirmed the identities of five 2018 contestants after the first trailer for the Channel 5 series was released.

Channel 5 gave a glimpse at the 14 contestants, who will enter the house on Friday, during Monday’s live Celebrity Big Brother final.

While the clip only showed parts of their faces, as well as their ages, occupations and residences, the Twitter page claims to have confirmed some of their identities.

Fans of the show have only just got over the excitement of the celeb version which saw Ryan Thomas win after he was embroiled in the Roxanne Pallett punchgate scandal.

Here’s who Big Brother Xtra claims is going into the civilian version of the show…

The waitress

The account first revealed “The Waitress, 25, from Barnsley” to be Sian Hamshaw.

Introducing herself in the clip, the restaurant worker is heard saying: “I’ve had a pretty normal life. I’m a peasant, I grew up on a council estate.”

Sian already has 6,000 Instagram followers and often shares snaps of herself with her son

Before adding: “If you can make me laugh then you’re in.”

Sian already boasts 6,000 Instagram followers, but mostly uses the page to share sweet selfies with her son.

But the account later vented its rage at the channel for hiring someone with popularity, after claiming it was going “back to its social experiment roots” and casting civilians.

Also sharing a snap of Sian’s modelling page, Big Brother Xtra wrote: “Channel 5 lied yet again, back to the original experiment my a**e!”

The call-centre worker

The page went on to claim “The Call Centre Worker, 24, from Nottingham” is graduate Kenaley, who has already garnered a 1,000-strong Instagram following due to her sexy night out snaps.

She will no doubt bring drama to the house, with her introduction stating: “I am what I am. I’m just a regular degular girl. And I’m real. If you don’t like me, suck my d**k.”

The site also claims graduate Kenaley is entering the house this year

The carer

The next contestant the page have “confirmed” is Zoe Lee Jones, who is “The Carer, 31, from Halifax.”

The site claims Zoe has closed her Facebook account since her identity was leaked. But the account went on to joke that Zoe had “told the whole of Halifax” she was going on the show by sharing a snap of her friends trying to drum up votes for her.

They also ‘confirmed’ Zoe Lee Jones as the Carer from Halifax

The post read: “Everyone please VOTE for Zoe Turnip Jones for big brother Friday this girl will kill it”

While friends commented: “She told me last month I couldn’t tell anyone but she got to the call back and told me about what happened.”

The carer proves to be both confident and passionate in her introduction, which hears her state: “I am a 10.

“Not in an arrogant way. But I won’t let society make me feel like I have to put myself down.”

Adding fuel to the fire of rumours, the page then posted what appeared to be Zoe’s audition tape for the show, which featured the same quote.

In the selfie video, she states: “Hi Big Brother, I’m Zoe, I’m 30, and I’m from Halifax, but I love doing the American accent.

“Appearance-wise, sometimes I look like I’m in prison, and sometimes I don’t, there’s no in between. I am a ten. Not in an arrogant way. I won’t let society make me feel like I have to put myself down.”

The consultant

Next rumoured for the line-up is Akeem Griffiths, who appeared to be outed by his charity football team.

One of his teammates shared a selfie with Akeem to their Instagram page, captioned: “Best of luck to one of our charity side lads Akeem Griffiths who’s due to step into the Big Brother House this Friday.

Akeem Griffiths, left, appeared to be outed by his charity football team in Wales

“Akeem is a massive fundraiser for us and other charities through his running so please download the big brother app and get behind our guy ‘The Consultant ‘ for this years BBUK!”

And Akeem, thought to be “The Consultant, 26, from Rhondda Valley”, proves he is in it to win it during his introduction.

He says in the trailer: “‘I’ll never turn down a task, ever turn down a challenge. I’m prepared to do anything.”

The farmer

The site also named Cian Carrigan, who fills the gap of “The Farmer, 23, from County Tipperary.”

However, there are no clues on the Irishman’s page, as he only joined Twitter this month. He says in his introduction: “I deserve a place in the Big Brother house because you have not had a 23-year-old gay farmer from the heart of Ireland!”

The site also named Cian Carrigan as a housemate

Is this the last Big Brother on Channel 5?

Just hours before the big launch on September 5, Channel 5 announced the current series of Big Brother will be the last one it airs.

Celebrity Big Brother has also been axed by Channel 5.

In a statement to The Sun Online, the channel said: “The forthcoming series of Big Brother will be the last – of either celebrity or civilian versions – on Channel 5.

“We’d like to thank Endemol and all of the production team who have worked tirelessly to make the show a success.”

No word has yet been given on whether the pioneering reality show will move to a new home.

Who is hosting Big Brother 2018?

The live shows are being hosted once again by superstar presenter Emma Willis.

The popular TV star began hosting the show in 2011.

It was originally hosted by Davina McCall.

Emma is joined by best pal Rylan Clark-Neal, who is hosting the spin-off show BBBOTS.


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