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What is your favourite board game?

One of the most successful board games in the world is “Catan” (formerly: “The Settlers of Catan”), and this year it is 25 years old! To celebrate the anniversary, a walk-in XXL-playing field with the game’s trademark honeycomb structure is being built on the island of Mainau, which lies in Southern Germany’s Lake Constance.

So here’s our question for you: What is your favourite board game? Does it happen to be “Catan”, or is it perhaps something else?

Please let us know which of these is your favourite:


Something else:


We can’t wait to see your answers!

And from all the people who send us an answer, one lucky winner will receive a watch in our exclusive Euromaxx design as a thank you. Closing date for entries is 7 August 2020, 12 noon UTC. All decisions are final. Good luck!


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