What Is Wrong With Chas Dingle’s Baby, What Is Bilateral Renal Agenesis And Will Her Unborn Daughter Survive?


CHAS Dingle was devastated to discover that her unborn baby has a serious illness.

Here’s everything you need to know about the unborn baby’s condition and chances of survival…

Chas Dingle was shcoked to find out the truth about her unborn baby

What is wrong with Chas Dingle’s baby in Emmerdale?

Chas Dingle was faced with a heartbreaking discovery about her unborn baby. 

When she went for her 20-week scan she was told that her daughter was suffering from the condition bilateral renal agenesis.

This means that the baby has no kidneys and the lungs are also underdeveloped.

Chas’s baby therefore faces little chance of survival outside the womb.

Chas Dingle tells Marlon and Paddy that her baby won’t survive past birth

Will Chas Dingle’s unborn daughter survive?

Chas has decided not to have an abortion but her baby will not survive past birth.

She’s unable to tell Paddy the truth, knowing how much it will hurt him, so he goes ahead with throwing her a baby shower. 

But afterwards she tells Marlon and Paddy the devastating truth. 

Chas still clings to a small hope that her baby will be born healthy – will Paddy convince her to have an abortion?

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