What Is The Synth Awakening In Humans, Which Synths Had The Original Source Code And Who Did Mattie Help To Release It?


THE synth awakening in Humans marked the dramatic conclusion to the second series.

As series three continues, here’s everything you need to know about how it happened and which synths were already conscious…

(Channel 4 images must not be altered or manipulated in any way) Channel 4 Picture Public Mia (Gemma Chan) and Niska (Emily Berrington) were two of the original conscious synths

What is the synth awakening in Humans?

In the season two series finale of Humans Maltida Hawkins projected a code worldwide, causing all synths to “wake up” and become conscious robots.

Hester, the violent and twisted synth took Laura (Mattie’s mum) hostage and Leo tried to resolve the situation by telling Hester that he loved her.

However Hester could see he was lying so stabbed him in the neck, leaving him braindead.

Mia, another synth then activated her and Hester’s chips to destroy their minds.

Niska (Emily Berrington) urged Mattie to release the code that would make all synths conscious as this was the only way Mia could be saved.

When Hester also woke up, Niska killed her.

Channel 4 Left to right, Max (Ivanno jeremiah), Leo (Colin Morgan), Mia (Gemma Chan), Laura (Katherine Parkinson) and Niska (Emily Berrington)

Which synths in Humans were already conscious?

David Elster, the synth creator, originally kept the source code a secret, reserving it for five synths.

Mia, Niska, Max, and Fred were the original conscious synths.

He created Mia (Gemma Chan) to be a companion to his human son Leo since his mentally ill wife Beatrice wasn’t able to.

When Beatrice committed suicide, David created another conscious synth that looked exactly like his wife.

The synth, later known as Karen, was created with a block which prevented her from killing herself.

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