What Is Stuart Highway’s Secret On Eastenders, Is He Really A Paedophile And What Will Mick Carter Do?


STUART Highway has a secret on EastEnders, and Mick Carter thinks he’s unearthed the horrifying truth.

But is everything as it seems? Here’s what you need to know about the truly explosive storyline.

BBC Mick Carter believed he had unearthed a horrifying secret about Stuart Highway

What is Stuart Highway’s secret on EastEnders?

EastEnders fans were left stunned when Mick Carter seemingly made a horrifying discovery about Stuart Highway.

The Queen Vic landlord nicked his old mate’s phone for a prank, eliciting a furious response from the new character.

A taken-aback Mick takes a peek at Stuart’s phone when he leaves the room, discovering pictures of apparently underage girls and suggestive chains of messages.

When Danny Dyer’s character confronts his best pal Stuart responds evasively, claiming the incriminating material isn’t what it seems.

Mick is left reeling, and after much soul-searching he goes to police, convinced that Stuart is a paedophile.

However, in a shocking twist it will emerge that Stuart is not a sexual predator himself, but a paedophile hunter setting up high-risk stings to expose perverts to the police.

BBC A conflicted Mick told police of his suspicions about Stuart

What will Mick Carter do next?

Mick, played by Danny Dyer, is annoyed to find Stuart still hanging around the Queen Vic after confronting him over the content found on his phone.

Still convinced Stuart  is a pervert, Mick demands that he keeps his distance from his family.

BBC The truth about Stuart puts Mick in a difficult position

However, when the real reason for the incriminating messages and pictures emerges, Stuart asks his friend to help him in his plans.

Mick is left conflicted, concerned about the potential for violence in Stuart’s high-risk mission – but will he end up getting involved?

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