What Happened On Love Island Last Night? Recap, Gossip And Highlights From Episode Thirteen


THE villa gods have repaid Dr Alex on Love Island by giving him two beautiful girls who BOTH fancy him.

Here’s everything you need to know about what went down in last night’s Love Island…

ITV New girls Zara, left, and Ellie, right, are settling into villa life

What happened on Love Island last night?

Ellie and Zara were met with a frosty reception as the other girls, much like a pack of hyenas, gave off a “territorial” vibe.

Unsurprisingly, due to his track record Rosie was worried that Adam might pick Zara over her and Laura feared Wes would like Ellie (who looks just like Laura).

The new girls got to go on a dinner date and have a three-course meal cooked for them with a different boy doing the starter and main…but we’ll have to wait for the next episode for dessert.

Ellie chose Wes for main, which annoyed Laura and Zara chose Adam for dessert which left Rosie a bit sour.

Who got mugged off in Love Island last night?


ITV Adam and Rosie had a heart to heart where he reassured her that she had nothing to worry about

Knowing Adam’s track record it’s not surprising that Rosie would be worried about her man’s wandering eye.

Unfortunately she was sitting right next to Zara when she announced that she wanted to go on a date with Adam – awkward.


ITV Laura was finding it hard not to freak out about new girl Ellie

Laura was getting very prangy about the arrival of Ellie who is Wes’ type on paper.

Wes started acting quite distant towards Laura and said he was open to getting to know Ellie when they went for their date – could this be the end of the Wes/Laura love story?


Megan made it clear that she wasn’t happy about Eyal getting close to the new arrivals.

She gave him her trademark dagger eyes “which look right into your soul” and said “hope he f***ing burns it” when she found out he was going on a date with Zara.

On his date he said he was open to getting to know Zara who seemed impressed by how “deep” he is.

But Eyal also showed a more needy side when he told her that he wants reassurance that she likes him.


WENN Georgia wasn’t happy when Ellie chose Josh for a date

Georgia didn’t hide the fact that she was fuming when Ellie picked Josh to make her starter.

To make matter worse Josh laid it on thick with Ellie during their date telling her how he pleased her was that she’d picked him.

What’s the latest Love Island gossip?

The hot gossip is that producers are hoping to bring Charlie back after his time in the villa was cut short.

A TV insider told The Sun Online: “Charlie was a hit with viewers and behind the scenes everyone thinks it’s really unfortunate he had to leave.”

In other news it seems Samira isn’t the only islander who’s mugged off her employers.

It seems that Zara, who works as a goverment policy advisor failed to tell her bosses at Whitehall that she’d be appearing on the show. 

A source said: “She said she was taking a career break to work on TV but did not give specific details.

“She needs to be very careful because the rulens are quite vague about what would be deemed bad behaviour so she could end up getting sacked.”

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