What Happened In The Oitnb Season Five Finale, Is Piscatella Dead And What Will Happen To Piper, Taystee, Red And Vause?


ORANGE Is The New Black will soon be back on Netflix – but how did the last season end?

Here’s everything you need to know about what happened in the final episode and what could happen in season six…

Netflix The inmates were hiding in a basement under the prison at the end of series five

What happened in the Orange Is The New Black Season five finale?

Following the tragic death of Poussey the prisoners at Litchfield rioted for three days in the hope of achieving justice and getting CO Bayley sent down for murder.

In the finale, officers in riot gear stormed the prison but Red, Gina Murphy, Norma Romano, Alex Vause, Piper Chapman, Blanca Flores, Yoga Jones, Anita DeMarco, and Frieda Berlin were all hiding downstairs in the abandoned pool where they had Piscatella tied up.

They were then joined by Cindy, Taystee, Suzanne and Nicky who brought an unresponsive Suzanne with them and gave her an adrenalin shot to counteract the effect of the Lithium.

Lorna walked out holding her hands up and let the guards know that she was pregnant while Chang and Pennsatucky escaped through a hole in the fence.

Netflix Piscatella was accidentally shot dead by a fellow officer

Is Piscatella dead in Orange Is The New Black?

When Taystee came face to face with Piscatella in the downstairs pool she wanted shoot him and blamed him for Poussey’s death.

But the other inmates reasoned with her and she passed the gun back to Frieda.
Red then also gave up on her plan of revenge and cut Piscatella loose on the condition that he wouldn’t hurt any of them.
However when Piscatella left the prison he was shot dead between the eyes by a trigger-happy officer who was waiting outside and mistook him for an inmate.

Netflix Piper, left, and Alex, right, got engaged at the end of series five

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