What Colour Fur Do Polar Bears Have And Is Jack Fincham Right That Flamingos Are Really White?


While most people believe polar bears to be white and flamingos to be pink, Love Island’s Jack Fincham has cast doubt across the nation.

But is the pen salesman right? Here’s the lowdown…

Alamy Love Island’s Jack Fincham schooled the other islanders on nature

What colour fur do polar bears have?

Contrary to popular belief, polar bears actually have transparent fur.

The colour of their fur is dependent on the light and the climate.

Their hairs are also hollow, meaning when light strikes their coat, the light is absorbed by the hairs.

As their natural habitat is the Arctic, they are often surrounded by snow and appear white in colour.

Are flamingos white?

The Love Island lad was also right about flamingos – well…sort of.

They are born with grey feathers, but they change to pink when the birds eat certain things.

The beautiful birds are often found in salt lakes, and this is because of the type of shrimp in the water.

A diet of brine shrimp is key – they contain an organic compound known as beta carotene, which is responsible for turning their feathers that rich pink colour.

Which is why different birds are different shades, depending on where they live.

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