Wedding guests disgusted with ‘luxury’ food served at reception – including tuna pizza and frozen Yorkshire puddings

Wedding guests disgusted with ‘luxury’ food served at reception – including tuna pizza and frozen Yorkshire puddings

A WEDDING guest has slammed the “luxury” menu they were served at a friend’s wedding reception.

Taking to a Facebook wedding shaming group, the anonymous guest shared snaps of the unusual wedding breakfast provided by a 4 star hotel in Leeds.

A wedding guest has shamed the very unusual dinner she was served at a reception in Leeds including a frozen Yorkshire pudding starter

To start attendees at the nuptials were given a plate of three frozen Yorkshire puddings accompanied with a herb garnish.

When it came to the main adults dined on a lacklustre chicken dish including an unusual side of courgettes stuffed with green beans.

Meanwhile children were fed half a pizza topped with tinned tuna, alongside oven chips and baked beans.

Captioning her snaps the woman wrote: “I don’t know if the chef of this 4 star “luxury” hotel was sick that day, or on holiday – but something must have been going on.

Kids were served half a pizza topped with tinned tuna
The guest explained that the wedding breakfast was served at a 4 star “luxury” hotel

“I really appreciate the little herb on the side of the frozen Yorkshire puddings, really pushing it out there.”

And it seems that fellow group members were equally unimpressed, with the post receiving hundreds of comments from baffled people.

Adult guests were provided with a lacklustre chicken dinner
It came with the unusual side of a courgette stuffed with green beans

One wrote: “I would be 100 per cent in the kitchen, throwing abuse at the entire kitchen staff if that was what was served at my wedding.”

“I had better food in school dinners” said another with a third adding “I thought this was hospital food.”

One particularly horrified member added: “Is that canned tuna on pizza??! WTAF”

Fellow group members were equally horrified by the menu

“The green onions inside the cucumber. Wtf” wrote another.

Wedding shaming groups have been on the rise of late with That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming the largest with over 54,000 members worldwide.

You can critique dresses, decorations and of course, dramatic brides who are kindly dubbed “bridezillas”.

There’s even categories for your posts where you can file your rant under popular tags such as “cringe”, “tacky family” and “f***ing yikes”.

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