Walmart Adds Toys And Shelf Space For Holidays Expands Online Offerings


– Walmart Stores Inc (WMT.N) has significantly increased the selection of toys in its stores and online for the holiday season, a company executive said on Thursday, and is expanding its toy aisles in certain markets, all to lure shoppers after rival seller Toys R Us went out of business earlier this summer.

The world’s largest retailer will also begin its layaway program on Friday, one day earlier than last year, allowing customers to pay off purchases in installments.

The company expects demand for its layaway program to be similar to that of previous years, said Anne Marie Kehoe, vice president of toys, while at an event in New York to reveal the retailer’s top toys for the holidays. Layaway plans can have a sizeable impact on sales and past analyst estimates suggest the program accounted for as much as 15 percent of holiday revenue at Walmart stores in poorer areas of the United States.

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