Uk App Makers Have Earned £2bn From Apple – Here’s How You Can Make Your Own


UK APP developers have netted £2billion from Apple’s iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad since its launch a decade ago, the company revealed today.

The tech giant added that the UK comes out on top in terms of jobs linked to app creation, with 291,000 app development roles in the country.

Apple Apple redesigned its App Store from the ground app last September

Meanwhile, London is the leading European city for the app economy – supporting 138,000 jobs, said Apple.

The other top British towns for app makers are Manchester, Birmingham, Oxford and Bristol, according to the company’s latest figures.

The numbers reflect Europe’s digital success story, fuelled by unprecedented growth in the app economy.

Last year, Europe overtook the US in the number of app-related jobs created for the first time, according to a European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) briefing.

Apple Apple’s Swift Playgrounds coding app is available on its £319 iPad

How to make your own iPhone or iPad app

Apple has made it easier than ever to for beginners to get started with app development. An essential starter kit will include the following Apple software: the Xcode 8 development environment and Swift language and programming tools like Metal. But before all that, you’ll need to register as a developer with Apple Developer Connection here so you can access the company’s resources. You can sign in with your Apple ID (that’s what you use to make iOS Store purchases) or make a new one just for the dev account. The basic developer registration is free and lets you build an app, but you’ll need to fork out £69 per year if you want to sell apps. If you want to create your app from scratch, it’s best to gain some form of coding experience with Swift and Xcode. The free Swift Playgrounds app on the iPad is a good place to start – the user-friendly software instantly shows the results of the codes you write. Swift Playgrounds also boasts interactive lessons designed to teach you key coding concepts and challenges and templates to encourage you to further explore coding. Once your app is ready, you can submit it to Apple via iTunes Connect, which requires separate registration from the Apple Developer Membership.

ustwo Monument Valley 2, a mobile game made by UK studio ustwo, is being hailed as a Brit success story by Apple

UK app success stories include the hit mobile game sequel Monument Valley 2 –the follow-up to the Bafta-award-wining Monument Valley.

The £1.99 smartphone app comes from an independent mobile studio based in South London called “ustwo”.

Monument Valley and its successor have been phenomenally successful, with the first game snagging more than 30 million downloads.

Apple also hailed the success of ASOS’ free app that lets customers shop the online British fashion retailer’s store of more than 850 brands.

Overall, the tech giant boasts it’s helped to create over 1.76million jobs in Europe as a result of the iOS App economy, increases in direct employment and spend with suppliers.

“As the app economy grows, the demand for skilled developers and coders increases and European Union data suggests there will be a shortfall of 500,000 skilled people for ICT jobs across Europe,” said the firm.

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