Twitter down: Huge social network outage leaves website, iOS and Android apps not working


Twitter is not working. The social network appears to be down for users across the UK and mainland Europe.

Independent website DownDetector, which tracks social comments around a certain topic to monitor outages across the globe, has recorded thousands of complaints from disgruntled Twitter users who have been left unable to access the website, Twitter app, or Tweetdeck service.

According to the figures from DownDetector, more than 6,000 people have been reporting issues with the social network each minute. This figure is climbing too, which suggests the problems impacting Twitter are only growing not getting any better.

Of those who are reporting problems accessing Twitter, the reports tracked by DownDetector suggest that 49 percent have been left unable to access the website, while 32 percent are now unable to use the iOS app, and 18 percent cannot login or refresh their timeline on the Android version of Twitter.

Finally, when these reports from users are mapped out based on their location when the comments were posted, it reveals the Twitter outage seems to be limited to the UK, mainland Europe and the East Coast of the United States of America. Although other areas are also impacted, these are smaller patches on the heat map.

Bafflingly, despite the vast number of users reporting problems with the iOS app, Android app and Twitter website – Twitter itself has not acknowledged anything awry.

On its Server Status webpage, which is designed to keep users and developers informed about any issues that might impact Twitter, shows no problems at all with any aspects of the social media service. 

“All Systems Operational,” it reads, as thousands clamour to moan about problems logging into its apps and websites. 

It’s currently unclear when Twitter will reassess this evaluation based on the complaints voiced by users. Or when the problems affecting Twitter will be fixed.

More to follow, please refresh this webpage for the latest information on the outage.


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