WASHINGTON — Secret Service agents abruptly halted President Trump’s coronavirus briefing on Monday after an armed suspect was shot outside the White House.

The president was just minutes into his briefing when a Secret Service agent whispered in Trump’s ear and asked him to leave the podium along with other administration officials who were in the room.

Reporters in the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room were briefly placed into lockdown and Secret Service surrounded the West Wing.

The president returned to the stage just minutes later to confirm someone had been taken to hospital following a shooting outside of the large White House wall.

“It seems that the person was shot by the Secret Service so we’ll see what happens,” Trump said, calling the episode “unfortunate.”

“It was outside of the White House,” he said. “It seems that the shooting was done by law enforcement at the suspect, it was the suspect who was shot,” he continued.

The president said he was not taken into the secure underground bunker but to an area near the Oval Office.

“It was pretty unusual but they do a fantastic job, as you know,” he said, telling reporters he did not fear for his safety after the dramatic episode.


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