Billionaire Tom Steyer, who’s made fighting climate change a cornerstone of his presidential campaign, tried to drum up some attention for his struggling 2020 bid Sunday by calling on his Democratic rivals to not use private jets.

“I don’t fly private. I hope nobody else running for the Democratic nomination will choose to fly private,” Steyer said during a CNN town hall meeting.

“We’re going to have to ‘walk the walk’ … we’re going to have a much better future together. And we’re going to create something that we’re going to be proud of for the rest of our lives.”

Joe Biden raised eyebrows when it was revealed his campaign blew nearly $1 million on private jet travel during the recent fundraising period quarter.

Another possible entrant to the race, fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is a licensed pilot who travels on his own private jet. The former three-term New York City mayor also has spent part of his fortune to tackle climate change.

Steyer’s campaign has not been getting much support, and didn’t even register in a poll Sunday by Morning Consult.


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