Tinder’s most ‘swiped-right’ man finds love with X Factor singer after more than 14,500 matches

Tinder’s most ‘swiped-right’ man finds love with X Factor singer after more than 14,500 matches

TINDER’S “most swiped” right man has revealed he found love the old-fashioned way after matching with over 14,500 users on the dating app.

Stefan-Pierre Tomlin, 29, became known as “Mr Tinder” in 2017 after the app revealed that more users had swiped right on him than anyone else.

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After matching with over 14,500 Tinder users, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin has found love with X Factor hopeful Natasha Boon[/caption]

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Digital earlier this month, Stefan revealed how YOU can bag more dates by logging in at 2pm on Sundays and uploading photos with yellow backgrounds.

But despite his success on the dating app, the male model actually met his girlfriend former X Factor contestant Natasha Boon, 27, through a friend.

After spending five years looking for love on apps, Stefan said: “When I first saw Natasha, she instantly reminded me of Marilyn Monroe.

“She wore a tight red dress, red lippy and her trendy blonde hair was styled amazingly. She knocked me off my feet and that rarely happens with me.”


Stefan said Natasha instantly reminded him of Marilyn Monroe[/caption]


Last year, Natasha was hailed the “next Amy Winehouse” by Robbie Williams after her stunning rendition of James Arthur’s hit Impossible wowed judges during her first audition.

Natasha caught Stefan’s eye during a performance for the Big Narstie wrap party at London’s Opium nightclub in April.

The pair swapped numbers and began texting non-stop – and have been inseparable since their first date at Hampstead Heath Park.

When Stefan turned up to the date with a branded Mr Tinder suitcase, Natasha was rightly a little confused.

Natasha, from Camden, said: “At first, Stef’s nickname was weird for me because I didn’t understand why he would need to use an online dating app – he’s so handsome.

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Natasha admitted that she gets a ‘little jealous’ of the attention Stefan attracts online[/caption]


“I do get a little jealous when I think about all the women he’s matched with, but I appreciate that a lot of people fancy him and I feel privileged to be with him.

“I’ve never used dating apps myself, but I think they’re great for people who are looking for love in the modern era because these days people seem to be busier than ever before, so they deliver convenience in the mix of people’s busy schedules.”

Although Stefan was flattered to be given the title Mr Tinder, he actually found it a hindrance trying to connect with people on the app.

Stefan added: “When I was still on dating apps, I got the impression that people just wanted to speak with Mr Tinder so that didn’t make it easy for me, in the sense of working out who genuinely liked me versus those who wanted to be a bit of a roadie.”

I do get a little jealous when I think about all the women he’s matched with, but I appreciate that a lot of people fancy him and I feel privileged to be with him…

Natasha Boon

After becoming ‘Mr Tinder’ thanks to an average of 20 women a day swiping right for him over 24 months, Stefan, from South London, hit the small screen on TV dating shows like Celebs Go Dating.

But he struggled to build a connection with girls through the app, despite it leading to 15 dates over the two years, including one during a lads’ holiday to Marbella.

Stefan did seriously date two of his Tinder matches but said generally the partnerships didn’t work out as the women were more interested in fame than his personality.

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Stefan says he struggled to build a genuine relationship with his Tinder matches as they were more interested in his fame[/caption]

Now Stefan, who is also a trained pilot, is head over heels for Natasha, who has cheekily dubbed him ‘The Gok Wan of dating’ after sharing his relationship tips with pals.

The former dating app addict claims he’s now matched more than 10 couples by introducing them to each other at club nights and events, who are now married or enjoying solid relationships.

Natasha added: “I love his outgoing, witty and humorous personality, and his respect for people – it’s really endearing, which allows me to think of a future with him as I hold respect real high.

“He surprises me with different red lipstick all the time too, and I bought him a moonstone for his birthday which represents protection and his pure personality.

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The male model is also a trained pilot and has appeared on shows such as Celebs Go Dating[/caption]


“I also love that he’s a pilot – that’s a winner for me as I love flying!”

Since their first date, the couple have gone from strength to strength after becoming official in July and have already moved in together.

Stefan said: “We’d like to start making music together and vlogging, and if things continue to go well in the future we’d like to get engaged, buy a house and start a family together.

“I love the way Natasha is so patient and that she’s a great team player, she’s kind, importantly she understands my industry and work because she’s a signed singer and been on national television.

“I also love her voice so much – it makes my hair stand on end, not that I’ve got much!”

Off the back of his dating app success, Stefan has launched a music career of his own and released the single ‘Swipe Right’ earlier this year.

Mr Tinder's Top 10 Tips for getting more matches:

  1. Make sure your first photo has brightly coloured background – Stefan-Pierre says using yellow or blue in your profile picture will make your profile stand out against the countless others your matches are swiping through
  2. Include a sexy holiday photo in your selection – poolside pics show off your fun, relaxed side according to our dating expert
  3. Ensure you’re doing something different in every one of your photos – forget posting loads of glam club shots, Tinder’s most fancied man claims sharing photos of you doing different activites and looking dressed up AND casual will guarantee the most success
  4. Be active on the app at 2pm on Sunday – Mr Tinder claims this is the peak time for the app as users are recovering from a big night out and planning dates for the week ahead
  5. Swipe for new matches after 10:30pm on a weeknight – singletons on the app also regularly check the app before bed when they’re swiping though Instagram, Stefan-Pierre says
  6. Use the Facebook alorgorithm to get ahead –  syncing your Faceook and Instagram profiles to your Tinder can help you match with people with similar interests based on what pages you’ve “liked” or accounts you follow
  7. Change your location using Tinder’s premium service – if you fancy bagging yourself a banker, Tinder Plus allows you to drop your location pin anywhere in the world – including Canary Wharf
  8. Crack a joke in your bio – it shows you don’t take yourself too seriously and makes you more approachable on the app, Stefan-Pierre says
  9. Don’t give away too much away – keep your bio “short and snappy” to give your potential match something to ask you about
  10. Avoid grpup photos in the first three pictures – this will help your match differentiate you from your mates in that uber glam clubbing photo

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