Tinder Date ‘killed And Chopped Up In Sexual Fantasy Gone Wrong After Posting Eerie ‘ready For My Date’ Snapchat Selfie


A TINDER user was chopped up and killed in a sexual fantasy gone wrong hours after she posted an eerie selfie on Snapchat saying “ready for my date”.

Sydney Loofe, 24, was found dumped in a field near Edgar, Nebraska, after Aubrey Trail, 51, and Bailey Boswell, 23, lured her on a date.

Facebook Sydney Loofe, 24, vanished after posting ‘ready for my date’ selfie online

Boswell and her boyfriend have been accused of murder and the improper dispolsal of human skeletal remains.

The pair were  were caught on CCTV buying tools which police believe they used to dismember her.

Investigators say the pair were filmed making the purchases at a Home Depot on November 15, while cashier Miss Loofe, of Nebraska, was at work.

Court documents claim Trail told investigators that he strangled Miss Loofe with an extension cord that night and Boswell, who lived with him, helped chop her up.

They then allegedly stuffed her body parts into trash bags and dumped them in a field 90 miles away before the remains were found in December.

Taney County Sheriff’s Office Bailey Boswell is accused of killing Sydney after arranging a second date with her following their match on Tinder

Taney County Sheriff’s Office Aubrey Trail is accused of strangling the young cashier with an extension cable

Authorities say Loofe met Boswell on an online dating app in November and they went on their first date the night before she was killed.

Trail and Boswell appeared in Saline County Court on Tuesday to face charges of first-degree murder and the improper disposal of human skeletal remains.

Since the pair were arrested weeks after Miss Loofe’s disappearance, Trail has told several news outlets that her death was accidental.

During an interview with the Omaha World-Herald Trail in February, Trail said that Miss Loofe was a willing participant in a sexual fantasy with himself and two other women.

Facebook Sydney’s suspected killer claimed she died in a ‘sex game gone wrong’

He claimed his girlfriend, Boswell, was high on drugs in another room when her date accidentally suffocated during the sex act, adding that there had been something around her neck.

Trail told the outlet: “It wasn’t supposed to go to the extreme it went, of course not. It wasn’t meant that she was to die.”

He added that he deserved to die for what he had done, but a month before the confession both Trail and Boswell posted a video online denying their involvement.

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