This Gym Bunny Transformed Her Hair By Ditching Shampoo… And Now She’ll Never Go Back


SHAMPOOING your hair with every wash is the cardinal rule of hair care, right?

Well it turns out this everyday routine may not be as good for our luscious locks as thought – and one woman has the evidence to prove it.

PA Real Life Emma suffered from dry yet super greasy hair before giving up shampoo

Emma Thomson is a 28-year-old gym devotee who once spent thousands of pounds on her hair products for post-workout washes.

The former bodybuilder from Surrey said that her once “limp and lifeless” hair is now in its best shape ever since converting to the “no ‘poo method.”

She said: “My hair was lank and somehow managed to be both dry and greasy at the same time.”

But since ditching her daily, post-workout shampoo habit, Emma said “I might not ever wash my hair again.”

PA Real Life Two months on and she says that she might never wash her hair again

Followers of the controversial beauty movement believe that hair can keep itself clean and healthy without the need to frequently wash it which can strip it of its essential oils.

But it typically takes anywhere between 2-8 weeks before ‘no ‘poo’ devotees noticing a change in their hair.

Still consistently hitting the gym, Emma simply rubs her fingers through her hair after a workout and “gives it a really good scrub to rinse away any dirt but with no soap, so it doesn’t strip the oil.”

If she ever notices a build-up of grease, Emma will mix “baking soda and rye flour” into a “paste and massage it into wet hair and then rinse it all out.”

How does the ‘no ‘poo” method work?

No ‘poo followers ditch all shampoos and conditioners They only wash their hair with water Sometimes they’ll use natural ingredients like flour, vinegar, eggs, and porridge to cleanse the scalp and absorb grease Once hair gets used to the lack of product, devotees beleive that their hair becomes self-cleaning as a result of reduced sebum production It takes hair anywhere from 2-8 weeks to get used to your new-routine For acne sufferers, the ‘no ‘poo” method can actually worsen skin as it causes a build-up of sebum

In other words, that means living with the greasiest hair imaginable before achieving the holy grail of hair care.

After reading up about the movement online, Emma decided to give it a go for herself  after becoming frustrated with the state of her dry yet greasy hair.

The result? Emma says she has the thickest, healthiest, and bounciest locks of her life.

PA Real Life Like many women ,Emma once spent thousands on her hair care

Despite describing her initial two months without shampoo as “a bit gross”, Emma has since convinced her friends to follow suit after they were “so impressed with how mine looked.”

Celebrity fans include the likes of Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow who reportedly on shampoo on the odd occasion.

Now this is a budget-friendly Hollywood beauty trend we can get on board with.

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