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The One Show: ‘Excuse me?’ Angela Scanlon fumes as David Guetta takes swipe at her accent

Angela is currently filling in for regular staple, Welsh presenter Alex Jones, on The One Show, alongside Countryfile favourite Matt Baker.

The duo introduced tonight’s show with an interview with Scottish actress Ashley Jensen, before leading on to a segment with musician and Hollywood star David Guetta.

The French DJ has worked with the likes of, Sia and Kelly Rowland among a host of other names, and he continues to work incredibly hard playing massive club nights throughout the summer.

On his visit to the BBC show today, David revealed he’d only just flown in from Ibiza, which got Matt, 41, laughing.

But it turned out the DJ’s main concern had been about whether he could understand Angela’s accent, which left the presenter taken-aback.

“Where in the world have you flown in from?” Matt began.

“I’m just very impressed,” David said looking at the VT. “Because I’ve just arrived from Ibiza and I had my show yesterday, and you have images of my show yesterday already.”

“We do,” Matt said proudly.

“You sound surprised that we’re professional, we’re not insulted,” Angela teased, but it was nothing to what was coming next.

“You’re the one I’m not going to understand because you have quite a strong accent,” David said simply, as Angela’s face dropped.

“Excuse me?” she cried.

Continuing to giggle, David went on: “They said don’t worry, it’s ok. You’re not gonna understand her.”

Stunned into a brief silence, Angela finally said: “Oh my god, that is so… I’ll speak very slowly.”

Instead of hitting back against the host’s jokey swipe in return, David replied with a grin: “Aaah thank you! And hopefully I’m not banned from TV for my French accent. I’m not gonna say like but…”

“They’ll have subtitles for both of us David,” Angela finished with a laugh.

Attempting to move the conversation on, Matt then asked: “David how do you look so good? When was the last time you went to bed?”

“Fresh as a daisy,” Angela teased, and his next sentence had the presenters in hysterics.

“Two weeks ago,” David declared. “This is when I started the season in Ibiza two weeks ago, and I never went to bed since.”

“Living the dream. You have a good make-up artist,” the star added.

The One Show continues tomorrow at 7pm on BBC One.


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