The Night King plot: What is The Night King doing NOW? What happened to him in season 7?

The Night King plot: What is The Night King doing NOW? What happened to him in season 7?

The first episode of the eighth series will air in the US at 9pm ET tonight and 2am in the UK on Sky and NOW TV. This will be the shortest season as there are only six episodes. This is different to the penultimate season, which had  episodes and a lot shorter than the first six seasons, which had 10 episodes each. 

Fans will be relieved to see all the main cast members return for the last series.

But it is not yet known who will survive until the very end.

What happened to the Night King in season 7?

In the last season, the Night King murders Viserion with an ice javelin. 

This devastates Daenerys Targaryenand she decides to fight the Night King and White Walkers with Jon Snow 

But beyond the Wall, the Night King reanimates Viserion. 

He enters Eastwatch with the undead army while also riding the reanimated Viserion.

The undead dragon destroys the fortress and part of the the White Walkers then march in the Seven Kingdoms. 

The Night King has been played by two actors during all the series. 

West-American actor Richard Brake portrayed the character in season four episode Oathkeeper.

This was when viewers were first introduced to the Night King. 

Richard, who is also known for playing Joe Chill in Batman Begins, also played him in season five episode Hardhome. 

But from season six onwards, the Night King has been played by Slovak actor Vladimir Furdik. 

The Night King is differen a character in the books called the Night’s King. 

This character is a former Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch.

He falls in love with a female White Walker and gets killed in a battle against the Starks, the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings.


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