The Labour Party’s Shameless ‘wrexit’ Monkeys Care Nothing For The Voters They Represent


YOU’VE got to hand it to the Wrexit monkeys in the Labour Party. The MPs determined to stop us leaving the EU at all costs.

They are nothing if not shameless. Oh and selfish. And puffed up with self-importance. And they care not one jot about the voters. THEIR voters.

PA:Press Association At the last General Election, Jeremy Corbyn vowed the Labour Party would respect the Brexit decision

Back in 2016 the country voted by a healthy margin — more than one million votes — for Brexit.

The Establishment didn’t like it, of course. But it was a fair vote with a clear result.

Sure, they’ve done everything they can since then to stop it happening, with fatuous court cases and the like. The Establishment has tried every trick in the book to derail proceedings.

But that’s what the Establishment is like. It cannot abide the views of ordinary people. And it could not believe it when we voted to Leave.

Alamy Politicians on both sides of the House must now support the wishes of the people

I thought the Labour Party MPs might be a little bit different, seeing as they are supposed to represent the working class. Oops, big mistake.

At least, back in 2016, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn said it would respect the wishes of the people.

And the wish of the people, clearly enough, was to leave the European Union.

Not leave a bit of the European Union. Not stay in the European Union in all but name. Not to leave the EU but still be subjected to its stifling bureaucracy and absurd strictures. They voted to LEAVE — end of.

Getty Images – Getty Although 66 per cent of her Redcar constituents voted for Brexit, Anna Turley will vote for anything that will bring it down

The Labour Party campaigned at the last General Election vowing to respect that decision. Now, that showed at least a little bit of principle.

But then there was also self-interest at work. Because — and here’s the point — 70 per cent of constituencies held by Labour MPs voted for Brexit. An overwhelming majority.

The Labour Party was set up to campaign for and represent the working class.

The working class voted by a huge margin to leave the EU. Labour voters wanted to leave, by a large margin.

PA:Press Association The Conservative Government was unable to subsidise the ailing Corus plant in Redcar because of EU rules

But what the voters think cuts no ice with the Labour weasels who are determined to scupper Brexit. The Wrexiteers.

Take the case of Anna Turley, the gobby MP who represents Redcar. I live five miles down the road from Redcar, in the adjoining constituency of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland.

The people of Redcar voted to leave the EU by the massive majority of 66 per cent to 34 per cent. Turley couldn’t care less.

She is committed to voting for anything that will bring down Brexit, against the wishes of her constituents.

Alamy Ed Miliband hates Brexit, even though more than 70 per cent of his Doncaster North constituents voted for it

She says she will vote in the best interests of her constituents. What she means is that she knows best and her constituents are pig-ignorant. Redcar voters have good reason to mistrust Labour.

It was under a Labour government that the local steelworks first closed down. Labour did nothing whatsoever to help.

When the Corus steelworks closed for good it was because the now Conservative Government was unable to subsidise the plant because of European Union rules.

So people in Redcar had more than the usual reasons for voting heavily to leave the EU. But Turley doesn’t care.

Getty – Contributor In the West Bromwich East constituency of Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson, people voted emphatically to leave the EU

If the local party had a decent pair of balls it would deselect the woman. But don’t hold your breath.

And there are more who defied their constituents.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband hates Brexit, despite his Doncaster North constituency voting to leave at 71.7 per cent. Arch-Europhile Pat McFadden represents one of the most pro-Brexit constituencies in the country — Wolverhampton South East — where 68 per cent voted to leave.

MP Mary Creagh is an ardent Remainer but 62 per cent of her Wakefield constituents backed Leave.

She said she could no more vote against EU membership than she could vote against her “own DNA”.

More than half of residents in Madeleine Moon’s constituency of Bridgend voted to leave the EU — but she still voted against triggering Article 50, with some voters saying she had “betrayed” them.

And Chris Bryant voted against his own constituency of Rhondda, a former coal mining valley, when he went against the Brexit bill.

Other senior Labour figures who have tried to frustrate Brexit despite constituents voting to leave include Dagenham MP Jon Cruddas and even the party’s deputy leader Tom Watson.

He is MP for West Bromwich East, in the West Midlands, which voted emphatically for Brexit.

It’s one of the most Eurosceptic places in the country and there were cheers of joy in 2016 when the returning officer announced 67 per cent of voters had chosen to leave.

The turnout was such that two thirds of people in Sandwell demanded their say.

Yet arrogant Watson is content to ignore their fervour from on high.

Labour is moving further and further away from the people it was set up to represent. The latest opinion polls showed the Conservative Party has more working-class supporters than Labour — an astonishing statistic.

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