The Handmaid’s Tale: Nick star speaks out about future after ‘heartbreaking’ axed scenes

The Handmaid’s Tale: Nick star speaks out about future after ‘heartbreaking’ axed scenes

The Handmaid’s Tale fans were somewhat disappointed after Nick Blaine (played by Max Minghella) failed to make a comeback after being shipped off in season three episode six.

The episode, named ‘household’ saw Nick head off to the war front in Chicago, with June finding out his violent role in the Giles Crusade shortly after his departure.

Fans expected Nick to return in the season three finale, but much to their dismay there was no sign of the fan-favourite.

According to Showrunner Bruce Miller, Nick was supposed to return in the season four finale, but his scenes were cut last-minute.

In conversation with, the showrunner said he felt the decision to axe the scenes was ‘heartbreaking’.

Bruce began: ”We just don’t have the real estate in the show,

“We had all sorts of other stuff with Nick, and with characters like Janine and Moira. … Max is a wonderful actor. He has scenes that we filmed that we weren’t able to use, and it’s heartbreaking.

“I feel like s**t when I have to cut that stuff, but sometimes you have to make those decisions when you’re trying to make a good TV show overall.”

However, fans haven’t seen the last of Nick as he revealed he is ‘really excited’ to return for a fourth outing.

In conversation with Max was asked if he has any sense of what’s next for his character.

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The Nick star said: “I don’t. I’m really excited to go back, and I know that the direction of the show is going to shift.

“This season was a catalyst for a lot of exciting stuff, so I think we’re all excited about what next season’s going to look like. They’ve never let us down.

“The writers do an extraordinary job of always surprising us. It’s a very weird feeling to get scripts and genuinely be like, ‘Wait, what’s going to happen next?’

“Season 4’s going to be really exciting, and I think it’s going to be different.”

Meanwhile, fans have been working hard to figure out the showrunner’s next move for season four, with one fan speculating Rita (Amanda Brugel) will be the person to see Serena get her comeuppance after the series of atrocities she committed during the last outing. 

Reddit user NickofSantaCruz recently wrote: “Cold open on Serena getting deposed, not understanding how she lost immunity. As the lawyers break it down for her, she gives the camera that fourth-wall-breaking stare and in voiceover narration says: ‘All I wanted was a child.’”

The user speculates Serena will have a more prominent role in the fourth season, and could become one of the main protagonists for a short period of time.

However, could the next outing see her locked up?

The user continued: “In conjunction with those three main focuses, Rita [Amanda Brugel] and Emily [Alexis Bledel] will have scenes with the ICC lawyers refuting or substantiating the Waterfords’ testimonies.”

The Handmaid’s Tale season 3 is now available to stream on Hulu.

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