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The Chase: ‘Can't get over it’ Fans in turmoil over Paul Sinha’s contestant coincidence

Rafey was the first player to go against the Sinnerman on this afternoon’s instalment of The Chase.

Prior to that, Bradley Walsh asked the contestant on the ITV quiz which Chaser he would like to face in the competition.

Rafey said he wanted to go against Paul as he pointed to his similarities with Paul and how others commented on it too.

“I am told by many people that I am basically him,” he shared.

“Really? They’re mad!” Bradley exclaimed.

Much to Bradley and Rafey’s delight, it was Paul who then walked out into the Chaser’s seat.

Paul declared: “It is like looking into a mirror but it’s not a compliment. I’m 24 years older than you!”

Those watching at home were tickled by the similarities between Rafey and Paul and took to Twitter to comment.

“Is the Sinnerman playing against his younger self on #TheChase tonight?! Can’t get over how alike they look!” one exclaimed.

Another added: “That awkward moment when @paulsinha chases his twin #TheChase.”

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“Hoping Rafey wins this.. He looks like Paul Sinha! #TheSinnerman #TheChase,” a third opined.

A fourth shared: “But unfair that Paul Sinha is playing against himself #TheChase.”

“Why is The Sinnerman a contestant? Lol #TheChase,” a fifth joked.

Rafey aimed high after the head-to-head and went for the top offer of £26,000.

He managed to keep ahead of Paul and added the £26,000 to the prize pot.

However, his luck didn’t follow the next two contestants as they were swiftly knocked out of the contestant by the Chaser.

Final player Kyron bagged £2,000 in his head-to-head, but after encouragement from Rafey he took the lower offer of minutes £6,000.

When it came down to the last round, the two earned 14 points to get ahead of Paul.

Although in the end it wasn’t enough and Rafey and Kyron were caught by the Sinnerman.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.


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