The £920 Farfetch Designer Dress That Is Trying To Be A Shirt, Skirt And Pair Of Jeans At The Same Time


WE’VE all experienced that classic fashion crisis where you’re got a wardrobe bursting full of clothes but still have “nothing to wear.”

Well if you’ve ever fancied wearing jeans on an evening out but opted for something dressier, then you may just be in luck.

Farfetch This denim creation is certainly… experimental Unravel Project Layered Denim Dress, £919 from Farfetch – buy now

You can now buy a shirt dress that not only doubles up as a denim skirt but also has a denim jean waistband for full fashun effect.

Definitely something of a statement piece, this eye-catching designer dress from luxury label Unravel Project ticks the box of every single dress code imaginable.

But while it is one way to get yourself out of a fashion conundrum, it may just land you in the midst of another one.

After all, double denim was once the ultimate crime against fashion.

Farfetch Cold shoulders? More like cold elbows

Better still, the shirt-jean hybrid which was once £1,080 is now currently on sale for just short of £920.

What a… bargain?

Besides the obvious, the thing that also really confuses us about this “dress” is that the top of the denim skirt sits directly on the boobs which makes for a pretty weird fit.

And don’t even just us started on the exposed elbows.

Farfetch Think of all the junk you can lug around in the pockets

But one thing that can be said for this dress is that it has a grand total of SIX pockets.

Now we’re starting to understand the logic behind the wacky design.

Make like the fashion experts at Farfetch and combine with knee-high white leather boots for full dramatic effect.

Or you know, just go out and buy a simple denim shirt dress. Each to their own.

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