The 8 Simple Supermarket Swaps To Boost Weight Loss Without Giving Up Your Favourite Foods


LET’S be honest, counting calories isn’t fun and most of us don’t want to do it at all.

Not to mention your enjoyment of your favourite treats is completely ruined when you work out how many calories is in it.

These are the simple swaps that could save you hundreds of calories

Being aware of the number in particular foods you eat is actually important given we tend to burn fewer calories each day thanks to our increasingly sedentary lifestyles.

It may also come as a surprise to hear that there are a number of very simple supermarket swaps many of us could make that would help us to significantly cut our calorie intake.

But you can still eat similar types of food you enjoy.

Here are just some of the smart swaps that will slash hundreds of calories from your regular diet.

Getty – Contributor Choosing a fruit sorbet reduces your sugar and fat intake

1. Ice cream for sorbet

You know the feeling, you have just sat down after dinner and suddenly have an urge for an ice-cream so you convince your partner or flat mate to duck out to the local supermarket to grab you a treat.

Now if they come back with a box of classic, popular ice-creams you will most likely be about to consume 200-300 calories in a single ice-cream.

On the other hand if you choose a fruit based ice lollie or sorbet you will still enjoy a treat but one with fewer than half the calories and literally no fat.

2. Shortbread for rich tea biscuits

Getty – Contributor You favourite shortbread is laced with far more sugar and butter than a regular biscuit

The larger the biscuit, naturally the more calories.

While a shortbread may not seem like a bad choice occasionally, it contains lashings of butter and cream so can contain double the calories and fat than that of a plain sweet biscuit.

3. Fresh bloomer for pre-sliced bread

Getty – Contributor Opting for pre-sliced bread means you won’t be tempted to cut yourself a bigger piece

The larger the bread slices, the greater the amount of both carbs and calories.

Since many of the typical bread slices we find at supermarkets barely fit into the toaster it is a sign that our bread is too big.

When you take a closer look at some of the large bread slices sold in supermarkets, a single slice can contain as many as 120 calories compared to just 90 calories in a smaller traditional slice of bread which can really add up when you are enjoying a few slices of bread every day.

Plus, if we cut the bread ourselves we tend to cut much bigger slices than if we bough a pre-cut loaf.

4. Regular sausages for extra lean

Getty – Contributor Extra lean sausages are a great way to enjoy the treat without eating lots of fat

The average regular sausage comes in anywhere between 140-170 calories in a single sausage.

But an extra lean sausage has less than 100 calories, which will be labelled as such on packaging.

While the leaner sausages do cost a little more, you are basically paying for more meat and less fat.

5. Crackers for wafer thins

Getty – Contributor Opt for wafer thin crackers as they have far less fat in them as regular crackers

There are many different varieties of crackers.

While some of the plain crackers are low in calories, some of the flavoured biscuits and rice crackers in multi-packs can contain more carbohydrates than two slices of bread, or as much fat as potato chips.

Much better options are the thin wafers that contains half as many calories and carbohydrates as some crackers and no fat.

6. Crunchy muesli bars for wholegrain bars

Getty – Contributor Regular sweet muesli bars may seem healthy but they have far more added sugar than you realise

Any snack bar described as natural and with oats seems healthy enough but some of the larger muesli slices and baked bars can contain more than 200 calories.

On the other hand there are plenty of wholegrain snack bars available which contain half the number of calories while remaining a nutrient rich snack.

7. Pesto dip for vegetable dip

Getty – Contributor Pesto dip can have 100 calories per serve compared to 20 calories in vegetable dip

When it comes to calorie overloads, we often forget that the combination of a dip and high fat crackers can give you more calories than an entire meal after just a few scoops.

That is definitely the case when it comes to pesto dips.

A single 20g serve of pesto dip equates to more than 100 calories per serve, while a plain vegetable dip can give you as little as 20 calories per serve.

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