Terrorists ‘are Dealing Drugs Around The World Because Google And Facebook Refuse To Stop Them’


TERROR groups are exploiting Google and Facebook’s lack of co-operation with law enforcement agencies to drive up illegal drugs trafficking across the world, an ex-US drugs enforcer boss has warned.

Derek Maltz, a former special agent to the US Drug Enforcement Agency, presented fresh evidence to Parliament exposing how terrorist organisations such as Hezbollah are increasingly turning to the booming illegal drugs industry as their main source of funding.

AFP Terror groups like Hezbollah, pictured, are dealing drugs around the world

And he said all the incriminating information and coordination was on the servers of the tech giants but authorities lacked enough powers to seize it.

Mr Waltz said Hezbollah, whose existential aim is to destroy Israel, is trafficking cocaine throughout Europe like never before.

And Mr Waltz said its reliance on cash meant “suitcases of euros” were increasingly found at airports and train stations across Europe.

Speaking to the Conservative Middle East Council in Parliament on Tuesday, he warned: “They’re making all this money to radicalise and buy more explosives.”

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