Teen Girl, 17, ‘humiliated’ After Costa Coffee Staff Mocked Her Name During Job Application


A TEENAGE girl felt “humiliated” when she didn’t get offered a job at Costa – after staff mocked her unusual name.

Jordanna Ellsmore, 17, went into her local coffee shop to drop off her CV while hunting for a part-time job.

Wales News Service Jordanna Ellsmore went into her local Costa shop to apply for a job

But she claims she was mocked behind her back for being called Jordanna – and believes it cost her the role.

A friend overheard staff saying: “We wouldn’t hire anyone with a name like that.”

Jordanna says she had a friendly chat with staff who said they would try to find her some hours – even though they weren’t hiring.

But after leaving the store she was horrified to get a text from a friend saying staff were mocking her name.

Wales News Service But the 17-year-old was left feeling “humiliated” when staff mocked her name

The message said: “As soon as you walked out they all started taking the p*** out of your name, saying that your name lets you down and that they won’t hire someone with a name like that.”

Jordanna, from Glynneath, near Swansea, said: “I was honestly humiliated. I’m only 17 and I didn’t understand that that stuff happened.

“I know it’s a weird name, but it’s not very nice.

“Since then I’ve been hired and one of the first things my manager said was how much of a lovely name I had.

Wales News Service The store in Neath, pictured, has apologised for “any offence caused”

“It was a horrible thing to say.”

A spokeswoman for Costa said she had spoken to the team at the store in nearby Neath, South Wales.

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