Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Coronation Street’s Michelle Collins drops MAJOR line-up hint

Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Coronation Street’s Michelle Collins drops MAJOR line-up hint

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 might have only just concluded with Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton being crowned the series winners, but fans are already looking forward to this year’s instalment of the Best Entertainment Show.

So much so, it seems every celebrity is being asked whether or not they are in talks with the BBC about signing up.

The latest famous faced to be grilled is Michelle Collins, who is known to some for her work on popular soaps Eastenders and Coronation Street. 

The star was seen on the This Morning sofa with hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby discussing her upcoming play. 

And Phillip took it as the perfect opportunity to ask whether or not she would consider taking part in Strictly Come Dancing 2019. 

He got straight to the point and asked: “What about Strictly though? Because there has been [rumours] banded about. Yes or no?” 

“Oh I don’t know,” Michelle replied nonchalantly and then explained her concerns: “They’re all too good, aren’t they?”

To which Phillip interjected: “Yes, but you learn!” However that didn’t seem enough to convince Michelle who added: “I’ve not been to stage school, I’ve not had any dance training whatsoever, they’re all too good in the beginning.” 

Holly was quick to comment and say: “But look at Stacey Dooley, she didn’t have any dance training and she went on to win it and she was amazing, it just shows sometimes happens.” 

“Yes, well, we’ll see,” the actress remarked.

But her response didn’t fulfil Phillip and he probed further eager to get an exclusive. “Is it a maybe? Would you maybe do it?” He quizzed. 

“Is it a what?” Michelle asked to clarify before admitted she had misheard his question. 

“Is it a maybe?” Phillip rephrased and then Michelle finally gave him an answer which he was satisfied with. 

She said: “I suppose you know what, you should never say, I would never say never to anything I don’t think these days because I think there are no boundaries anymore you just don’t know.

“And then if I did do it I would look very silly. I don’t know, we’ll see.” 

After asking about one reality television competition, Phillip was keen to see if Michelle was up for any of the others. 

“Can you ice skate?” He joked in reference to Dancing On Ice. 

“I would never do that,” Michelle snapped back defiantly. “Oh my god I would never. 

“But at the end of the day, I love acting and it depends what happens.” 

Strictly Come Dancing returns to BBC One this autumn. 

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